Over 9,000 LEGO bricks complete an epic Chinese dragon

Dragons are always great to see, but HUGE dragons are even better! This is the case with this incredible, 150-centimeter-long (nearly 60-inch) Chinese-style dragon built by Ming Jin, and the beast is also currently the only LEGO creation on their photostream. The build has beuatiful curvature achieved by a rather simple segmented body design, with subtle angles between individual segments.


There are cheese slopes covering most of the body, giving an impression of scales and other details like spikes and flame pieces as characteristic Asian dragon features. While legs and to some extent the head possibly expose too much of the inner structure, the beautiful long body more than carries the creation.

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Why, oh why must earth’s sky be blue? Why can’t it be magenta too?

Rob Damiano has been building an epic series of LEGO scenes telling the story of the NOVA team and their expedition to investigate rare biometric readings on a distant planet. I love his recent builds depicting an alien oasis, with a magnificent magenta hue. The builder added in the effects using Photoshop, and these effects really make the scenes shine.

Oasis 14: Enter the Oasis

Here, the NOVA team exits the R-RAV to explore the oasis. The usage of red tree leaves and trans-purple parts on the ground are the perfect accent to the magenta haze. The fantastic minifigures were designed by the builder and custom printed in a very small quantity.

Oasis 15: Boots on the Ground

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An American myth: Paul Bunyan

I’m sure it was quite the sight to see Paul Bunyan and his companion, Babe the Blue Ox. Pete Strege has captured these two larger-than-life folk heroes on a pedestal. Like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Paul Bunyan was made famous when he was used in a marketing campaign (for the Red River Lumber Company, in case you’re curious).

Check out the details here: the serrated edge of the saw blade, and Babe’s fantastic sculpting. Paul’s beard definitely caught my eye, and just check out the muscles he’s got going on!

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First ten LEGO Ninjago Movie collectible minifigures revealed [News]

This week we’ve seen a flurry of new sets from the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie, including the massive and eclectic Ninjago City, a gorgeous dragon ship, and many cool new mechs. To round out the theme, LEGO has announced a Ninjago Movie themed series of collectible minifigures and revealed half of them today. Here they are below, with our initial impressions. Tomorrow, LEGO will reveal the second half of this series (including the pink haired girl from the packaging and a standard issue Lloyd in ninja garb). But from just the ten that we have seen, it appears that the series will be another highly sought-after collection for both fun and parts. So stay tuned for even more LEGO Ninjago Movie news coming this week!

Lloyd Garmadon

It looks like we are in for a beautiful oriental bowl set with new utensils, as well as a new molded head with hoodie. From the scrunched up packaging, it appears that the series will also include a ninja version of La-Lloyd too.

Volcano Garmadon

These volcano PJs are adorable and the upper shorter torso could be used for a cute kids sleeping set. But what stole out attention is the beautiful bowl rounding out the new dish set.

Master Wu

Master Wu appears to be similar to other sets already released, but in accordance to the running chicken and cereal bowl joke, we get a hefty box of corn flakes (half the size of the figure!) that should make him very easy to feel for.

Jay Walker

In addition to more of the ninja-fied minifigures, this series will also appeal to LEGO City builders with many new torso and leg prints. The standout with Jay is that incredible new scarf piece (which had been sorely needed in the Winter Village line) as well as a smartphone tile printed with a smiling selfie.


Lloyd’s mom Misako has previously been depicted as being older, so we can only assume that this might be a flashback version when she meets and falls in love with Garmadon. Either that or she is also suffering from the Spiderman Aunt May phenomenon of getting younger with every movie. That said, we welcome the new hair piece with chopsticks and a very loving “XOXO” name badge print.

Sushi Chef

Sushi fans rejoice! It appears that the figure will include a whole roll of sushi tiles, as well as more cutlery and a new minifig bald cap with bandana.

Shark Army General #1

In a break from previous series, we get a Shark Army General with new hair piece who isn’t wearing the large angled dress piece. Much more convenient to fight in and sip a colorful bubble tea (with metallic printed dome!).

Spinjitzu Training Nya

Nya is pretty standard issue with white training outfit (reminiscent of the white and gold outfits of the end of the LEGO Batman Movie) and wooden swords. From the packaging, it appears the swords may be printed with some training damage, though that detail isn’t apparent from the picture of the minifugre.

Gong & Guitar Rocker

With his hippie hair, skull and crossbones torso and new guitar reminiscent of Glam Rocker Batman, this rocker is ready to shred some tunes–and his pants!

Shark Army Great White

Though great white sharks are–well, white–this shark army trooper sports a black shark helmet and new black fish piece. However it looks like his battery is about to die on this helmet, so who knows how that will affect him.

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