Build your own LEGO Mario [Instructions]

If you have been dreaming about having your own poseable LEGO Mario figure, then dream no more! hachiroku24 has created a LEGO version of the world’s most famous plumber and had kindly provided instructions to allow others to build their own Mario. He can be posed in a variety of ways thanks to the use of Mixel joints.

Lego Mario MOC

Firstly, get all the parts you will need into neat rows.

Lego Mario MOC

Next,  follow the video instructions and soon you will have a desk buddy who can fix your plumbing and collect gold coins.

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Fabulous superspeeder hops into spring

While it is generally accepted that cheetahs are the fasted land animal, you may not know that the fastest ‘air’ animal is Bonnie Bunny in her superspeeder.  Yes Bonnie Bunny may have enjoyed camping in her caravan and playing in the playground in official LEGO sets, but her true adrenaline-junkie nature has been exposed by  Pico van Grootveld. The adorable speeder is fits Bonnie Bunny perfectly with some cheery spring yellow parts and nice sticker application.

Bonnie Bunny’s Superspeeder

The Fabuland creatures always scream cuteness but there’s nothing better than crossing Fabuland and some of the other LEGO themes.  If you liked this Fauland/Star Wars hybrid then you will also enjoy a Fabuland-themed Millenium Falcon or this fabby Tie Fighter.


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A different kind of office

This scene might have a table and chair, paper and writing utensils, but it’s still different from the stereotypical view of a modern office. This architect’s office by Anthony SÉJOURNÉ is equipped with everything a master draftsman needs, and more — it really is what every architect needs for their planning and design.

Lego architect office - atana studio

The table is simple, but really well built, with gray pieces added to dark tan with structural as well as aesthetic benefits. I love the carefully cluttered snack cupboard and the chair, which has more details than it reveals at first sight. Overall, the creation benefits greatly from the slightly larger than minifig scale, at which brick thicknesses and all minifig utensils become less disproportionate than they are in a regular minifigure’s hands.

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There cannot be two birds — on a one bird cable

Inspired by the Pixar short For the Birds, Gregory Coquelz has built this faithful recreation of the film’s unfriendly birds. The build captures the expression and character perfectly, thanks to minifig helmets used as eyelids and curved slopes as beaks. The addition of the electrical line and the slight gradient in the background make it almost like watching the cartoon.


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