Seems like it’s a long way from home

Artist AdNorrel creates with his brick-strokes a unique composition of a surreal scene with a character making her way through the mountains. The texture of the bricks both below and above the ledge gives off a scary feeling of great heights to the path of this mysterious traveller. The placement of the distant mountains is a nice play with perspectives giving it a larger than life look. If this was my path home from work every day, I’m pretty much sure I wouldn’t get tired of this picturesque journey.

Way through the mountains

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Updates to the Privacy Policy for the EU GDPR

You’ve probably seen dozens of emails and dozens of pop-ups about updated privacy policies from just about every website you’ve ever visited over the past few weeks, and is no different. Ever since our founding in 2005, The Brothers Brick has been committed to our readers’ online privacy and security. Like nearly all websites that share content for free, relies on advertising to cover the costs of server infrastructure, products for review, event travel, and so on. As a result, we have always relied on a variety of advertising partners and technologies to operate the website. TBB’s commitment to your privacy and security remains unchanged. Similarly, how The Brothers Brick uses your personally identifiable information is not changing as a result of the new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is coming into effect on May 25th, 2018.

However, the GDPR requires that all websites who have visitors from the European Union (in other words, effectively all websites in the world) provide better transparency to their users about what information the website collects, stores, and processes, along with ways to opt out of retaining any personal data. Here on, this user data primarily takes the form of comments that users leave on our articles, along with associated metadata such as the name they chose to display to other website visitors.

The latest update to our Privacy Policy is now in effect, along with new ways to opt in and out of sharing data with Further updates to the Privacy Policy may be required as the EU clarifies the very ambiguous terms of the new regulation, so thank you in advance for your patience if you see the privacy policy pop-up appear again in the future.

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LEGO City 60197 and 60198 will introduce the new LEGO Powered Up smart application [News]

The new City train sets have been revealed last week partially confirming the long-rumored updates of the Power Functions system. With only the pictures of the front of the boxes it was pretty hard to say whether the new system will support Bluetooth connection or not, but now, as pictures of the rear side have appeared online, the answer is “yes”; the new trains can be both controlled with a remote controller (included in each set) or with a smart phone.

The new trains will bring two major updates. First, no dedicated receiving element is required from now on. The new power brick, despite being roughly the same size as the old versions (84599 and 87513c01), is designed with Bluetooth receiver integrated into it.

Secondly, both trains can be controlled via a smart phone application called LEGO Powered Up, first announced with the new App-Controlled Batmobile. Judging by the picture of its interface, it’s safe to say the app will bring a ton more play features than a default remote controller. The most obvious functions to be integrated into the app are the light and sound effects, but it’s very hard to say for sure at the moment. The app isn’t available on smartphones just yet, but we suppose it can be not just trains-oriented. With customisable interface and vast variety of Power Functions elements the app can be possibly used to control other future LEGO sets, especially Technic ones.

One of the many things that are still to be confirmed is whether the new 2.0 system will use the old Power Functions connectors or not. The new pictures show that the top surface of the battery/receiver block has no connectors; it’s quite possible that the new system has the same connectors as LEGO Boost (left on the picture below).

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LEGO Overwatch sets coming, Activision Blizzard announces [News]

Today at the Licensing Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, Activision Blizzard has announced they’ve reached a licensing agreement with LEGO for the blockbuster game Overwatch, according to Business Wire. Overwatch is a first-person shooter with a loose sci-fi setting, breaking new territory for LEGO in their licensing agreements, as they’ve traditionally steered clear of such properties. The announcement comes amidst a slew of other new license partners for Activision Blizzard, including UNIQLO, Nerf, and more.

There’s no word yet on specifically what sorts of sets we’ll see from LEGO, but with LEGO’s theme-crossing video game Dimensions finished, it’s certain this won’t simply be a small tie-in expansion pack. We hope they’ll be as cool as this yellow D.Va mech by TBB’s own Nick Jensen. And if you can’t wait to buy some official Overwatch sets, Nick has provided instructions for this mech in the link above.

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