It’s official: BABYMETAL recorded a new song for Cartoon Network’s “Unikitty” TV Show!

Developers of the new Cartoon Network's TV Show "Unikitty" announced via social media and premiered at San Diego Comic Con the new song by BABYMETAL to be the theme song of the show! The entertainment site Collider also confirmed the information. See below an extract of their article and social media activity regarding BABYMETAL's new song. 


BABYMETAL's brand new song to be theme song of the TV Show "Unikitty"

It's yet hard to confirm if this is the "BABYMETAL animation" announced last year but it seems that BABYMETAL actually worked with Warner Bros. Animation to team with Cartoon Network to become the theme artist of "Unikitty". According to Collider and Unikitty developers BABYMETAL recorded a brand new song for the TV Show. A release date for the series has not yet been announced. In the meantime, please check a compilation of interesting information about this collaboration and Unikitty's plot. 


According to entertainment site Collider

"Cartoon Network’s new series Unikitty! pleased the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday with a screening of its pilot, but a surprising new fandom sprung up online when it was revealed that the Japanese metal idol band “Babymetal” would be performing the theme song. In an unexpected crossover of the two fandoms, metal aficionados and fans of “Babymetal” alike gravitated toward the new animated kids cartoon simply because of the theme song announcement. That’s very cool. And it’s likely just the start of a very interesting new fanbase, if brand-new fan art is any indication." 


To learn more about the show, here is an excerpt of the synopsis of Unikitty: 

"Your favorite character from The LEGO Movie now has her own show! Journey to a joyous kingdom full of sparkle matter, happy thoughts, and the occasional rage-out in Unikitty!, an all-new animated series. As ruler of the kingdom, Unikitty has busy days full of royal responsibilities. Unikitty is most interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity, but don't misunderstand her optimism—she is one kitty not to be crossed. Producers and members of the voice cast will give a sneak peek at this new series and explain how Unikitty and her friends will make sure that every day is the happiest and most creative ever! Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Unikitty! is coming soon to Cartoon Network."


In addition developers confirmed that is a brand new song and it was premiered yesterday at San Diego's Comic Con, see below some Twitter activity regarding Unikitty's TV Show: 


LEGO Slammington can never go rusty

One of the most famous rat rods is Rusty Slammington, the Supra-powered, rust coated, slammed BMW street rod. Unlike a hot rod, a rat rod will have a tarnished, unfinished look and is made to be driven rather than simply to be a pristine reproduction. This LEGO version of Rusty Slammington by Calin Bors is not adorned with decals and decoration, but instead manages to capture the unique shape and style of Rusty. The mixed palate of browns, black and dark orange is a perfect combination to represent the destroyed look.

Rusty Slammington

There’s no need to be careful going over a speed hump with Rusty; just go for speed and let the frame rails produce the some street fireworks.

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An eye for an eye

Until discovering this Asterix-like, mono-visioned, Eynar – Fear Of the Northern Seas – who looks like the winner in a madman competition – I had never heard of the old French comic Red Corsair. Oliver Becker found himself a little inspired, creating his interpretation of the Barbe Rouge.

One- eyed Eynar, Fear Of the Northern Seas

I love his huge mustache and matted dreads with the Technic bush ends. The single eye, shapely nose and impressive set of teeth make this guy look like a fearsome creature. His Obelix-esque striped pants with complimenting shield and sword are fantastic. This one-eyed warrior certainly looks like the wrong guy to be charging towards in a fierce battle.

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A menacing LEGO Technic 1:2 scale T-rex skull

A MOCpages user known simply as Dee:] has made this incredible 1:2 scale recreation of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, made almost entirely of technic pieces – around 2000 of them. The creation uses many techniques to capture complex anatomical angles with surgical precision, and the thin technic panel pieces mimic the natural look of cranial bones. The only thing that is not 100% accurate (besides the unavoidable pin holes in the panels) is the number of teeth, which the real dinosaur had much more of. The build is approximately 55cm long and 33cm wide, which is a bit less than half the size of the 150cm long original. Or maybe it’s actually a life-sized baby T-rex skull!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull [1:2]

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